Slot Overview: Totem Link

Some internet sources define a totem as an animal or item with a deeper spiritual value, and others claim that Native American tradition holds that everyone has a special connection to nine distinct animals who serve as their spiritual guides throughout life. Growing up in a world where science plays a central role, it’s easy to view incidents like these as unimportant. But for a while, let’s let our thoughts roam free and pretend we have nine guardians illuminating our path through life and wiping the psychological ink of modernity from our third eyes.

Now let’s switch gears to Blue Guru Games’ Totem Link slot machine. A trip into the magical world of Native American culture awaits you in this slot machine. Totem Link is grounded in reality and isn’t too preoccupied with the supernatural. One depicts a very accurate scene: a settlement of teepees pitched in front of a backdrop of snowy mountains. Compared to other slots with Native American/North American themes, this one looks and feels more like Print Studio’s Huntress: Wild Vengeance. Totem Link’s realistic art style is a far cry from the magical visuals in other Blue Guru Games games like Clash of the Seraphim and Octopus Armada. Overall, it’s an engaging scene with plenty of ambiance-creating detail.

Totem Link may be played on any platform, and wagers range from 20 pence to £/€200 each spin. It runs on a highly unpredictable mathematical model, generating a return to player value of 95.23% whether or not a player purchases a bonus game. The game board is a 5-reel, 3-row, 40-payline setup housed in a lashed timber frame, and winnings are generated when at least three identical symbols land on successive reels across a payline, starting on the leftmost reel.

Five potential animal guardians, should we have any at all in this life, are represented by the highest paying symbols. Below them in value are tiles with the ranks of 10-A playing cards, and above them are lynxes, wolves, bears, eagles, and bison. If you obtain five matching symbols on a payline, you win 2-5 times your wager for regular symbols and 10-50 times your wager for premiums. The book in a ‘Book of’ slot machine serves as an analog for the wild symbol in Totem Link. As the wild sign, it may replace the standard game icons and create winning combinations.

Slot Totem Features

Totem Link includes a selection of standard extras in its base package but adds its own spin on them to make them feel fresh. These are Costless Games, featuring both Wild Reels and a Totem Spinner.

Wild Reel Video Games at No Cost

Free Games with Wild Reels are triggered by landing three of the wild/scatter symbols. During this time, reels 2, 3, and 4 may become Wild Reels, replacing all other symbols save the Scatter. Every free spin will have a minimum of one Wild Reel. However, free spins do not have any totem symbols.

Totem Spinner Game

You may play the Spinning Totem Game by collecting totem symbols, which are worth a certain amount of money. When 8 or more Totem Symbols appear in the main game, the bonus round will begin. The feature begins with three spins and returns to three spins whenever a Totem Symbol appears, paying its value and locking into place. When a reel is full of Totem Symbols, they vanish to make room for more potential wins. Totems may now land on the reel for increased payouts, since the reel has been leveled up to a maximum of 3. Indicator lights above the reel reveal its position. Players can increase their odds of winning the Jackpot by upgrading all reels. The Minor Jackpot is worth 50 times the wager, the Major Jackpot 500 times, and the Mega Jackpot 5,000 times. The level of the reel also affects the size of the jackpot. Therefore, the Minor Jackpot, the Major Jackpot, and the Mega Jackpot may all be won on levels 1, 2, and 3.

Offer for Sale

A player can purchase one of the bonus games by clicking the green and gold Buy Bonus button if it appears on the screen. For a wager of 60x, you may play 10 games for free, while a bet of 120x will provide you access to the Spinning Totem Game.

Jurisdictional Icon: A Slot

So far, Blue Guru Games has demonstrated a penchant for veering from realistic topics like fishing to more fantastic ones like gods, mythology, and aliens. Totem Link takes a middle ground approach, delving into the mystical part of Native American culture while setting it in a realistic environment full of mountains, grasslands, and real, tangible creatures. It’s fun to read for the most part. Neither the amount of brutality seen in Little Bighorn nor the waves of vengeance in Huntress: Wild Vengeance are present here. Totem Link, on the other hand, shows a more calm and serene aspect of the concept, opting to speak with the spirits rather than shoot bears or shave heads.

When it all comes together, Totem Link uses its capabilities in a generally similar fashion, with a few tweaks here and there. Even if features like full reel wilds during free spins are not very novel, the visual design and animations here really ratchet up the excitement. Similarly, the Spinning Totem Game is a standard hold ‘n win format with the added twist of tiered upgrades that can unlock greater payouts and even Jackpots. Nothing very groundbreaking, and no unique symbols (other than the Jackpot) to keep an eye out for that might potentially alter the course of a bonus round. But there are enough new features that hold ‘n win purists could be persuaded to give it a go. The 5,000x Mega Jackpot is the most eye-catching possible payout, but Totem Link has paid out 6,344x the wager in practice play.

Totem Link provided a pleasant chain of events after the dust fell on the prairie. It doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative during free spins, and it doesn’t strive to revolutionize the hold ‘n win format, but it’s well-designed and presents a fascinating take on a facet of Native American culture.






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